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When you buy an iPhone, iPod or an iPad tablet from Apple your new device comes with a one year warranty. However, what happens when that warranty runs out?

If you live in Eastchester NY area and you own an iPhone, iPod or iPad tablet that end up with cracked screen or even worst cracked screen and LCD from a drop, then what are your options? Well, you can try fixing it yourself but good luck with that.


The next best thing is to take it to a reputable iPad repair service in such as NetCOM Plus LLC, here at NetCOM Plus LLC we can turn any broken Apple device into a working Apple device again. We have seen it all. Broken screen, audio not working and dead batteries: nothing can stop us.


Trust us to repair your iPad or iPhone, and bring us your broken device for a FREE QUOTE. You’ll be surprised how cost-effective it is to get your iPad or iPhone repaired. We would like to share our personalized solutions in with everyone who owns a broken Apple device. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our repair services that we offer a "100% money back guarantee". Our technicians have helped hundreds of  people with their iPad and iPhone repair needs.


NetCOM Plus LLC can repair all types of cell phones and tablets that's damaged including broken screens, headphone jacks, home buttons, and power buttons. Our technicians can fix most repairs, in store, within 24 hours. No appointment is necessary.

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